This play has been playing steadily in San
Francisco for over thirty years.
Below are a few pictures taken at the
Copenhagen restaurant in Redwood City, on the
Dorothy Loyd - Visiting San Francisco, Gateway to the Pacific
March 21 - March 26, 2004
by Dorothy Loyd
On Sunday, March 21, we drove north to return
to San Francisco, my city of birth. We had a ter-
rific time visiting with our lifelong friends, Jac,
Bob, and Ellen Anne.
In San Francisco, there are so many beautiful
sights to see, with so little time to enjoy. The
weather was perfect for the trip. Accompanying
us on our trip was our faithful dog and compan-
ion, Max.
He loves to travel and enjoy the sights as we
travelled north taking the Golden State Hwy 5
up, and then Highway 152 west to Gilroy.
From Gilroy, we headed north on Highway 101,
known as the “Bayshore Highway.”
Ellen Anne and Bob, our dear Friends
Upon our arrival, we phoned Ellen Anne and
Bob to plan our itinerary for the next few days.
Here is what we came up with:
We’ll call Jac, then: (1) We’ll have dinner in
Redwood City at the fabulous dinner house, the
Copenhagen; (2) We’ll attend the play, “Beach
Blanket Babylon.
Redwood City’s, The Copenhagen Restaurant
This photo of Jac was taken within the first
five minutes of our get together at the
Whaddy ya think? Is he happy to see us or
My husband Jim always remarks, “Whenever
you and Jack get together, it’s just like Harvey
Korman and Tim Conway. You two make each
other laugh like you wouldn’t believe.”
It’s so good to visit with our life long friends.