La Vie En Rose - [ dedicated to Enrico Banducci ]
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"I believe that the rhythm of life is in lifts the spirit, warms the soul, and touches the heart."

Dorothy Loyd, vocalist, performs classic songs, love songs, and torch songs from the 30s, 40s, and 50s

A 'Primer' for Vocalists --
Read about the personalities, events
and experiences affecting and shaping this singer's career.

Listen to Dorothy sing a Love Song, La Vie En Rose - dedicated to Enrico Banducci;
a Novelty Tune, Chattanooga Choo Choo - thank you, Jeff Urband;
and a Broadway Show Tune, Can't Help Lovin' That Man - for my husband.

San Francisco born. As a teenager, she was singing Classics, Torch Songs,
Love Songs, Novelty, Show Tunes, Blues, and Civic Light Opera.
Dorothy's career began at Enrico Banducci's renowned hungry i
with Don Adams, Shelley Berman, Mort Sahl, and Dick Gautier.
Dorothy  Loyd, The Prima Diva

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  1. Dorothy Currin--Her early years -- influence of the movies, movie stars and listening to Big Band music on the radio.
  2. Dorothy Currin--as a teenager -- meeting with Frank Sinatra, the balladeer
  3. San Francisco's own, -- (see a few fabulous photos of Dorothy!!) -- at the "hungry i"
  4. Dorothy,The Prima Diva, beautiful as ever -- Novelty and Dixieland music

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1. Dorothy Currin, In-Training - - Her Early Years

Born in San Francisco, between the two World Wars, of Italian, English, French and Irish heritage, she grew up in one of the most beautiful of cities in the world.

The Beautiful Golden Gate Bridge

Dorothy received her inspiration from the movies and their stars: Deanna Durbin in "A Hundred Men and a Girl;" Kathryn Grayson and Gene Kelly in the movie, "Anchors Aweigh."

At an early age, Dorothy was introduced to Big Band music on the radio, learning the songs as she listened. Around the age of six, Dorothy could be heard singing at neighborhood barbershop in San Francisco. She entertained the patrons getting their haircuts. Her favorite often requested song was "Tippi Tin, Tippi Ton."

She remembers singing "God Bless America" at her first public performance in Gurneyville, California at Russian River. This was the "only song I knew." "I remember a string of light bulbs serving as stage lights for the outdoor wooden stage."

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2. Dorothy Currin, As a Teenager

Dorothy was "star struck," and she collected autographs of the famous movie stars who performed in San Francisco. Some of her fifty two (52) autographs included Frank Sinatra, Lena Horne, Van Johnson, Barbara Hale, and Walter Pidgeon. Dorothy graduated from George Washington High School which is the same school attended by Johnny Mathis, whom she knew briefly.

In her late teens, Dorothy was advised by Freddy Martin to go to Bill Stoker for vocal training. Mr. Stoker also was the vocal coach for Guy Mitchell and others. Dorothy Currin, her teen years

During her school years, she performed in many plays. Soon, Dorothy was producing teen musicals. Dorothy still remembers the resounding applause from the high school audience after she sang "In the Spirit of the Moment," in the style of Deanna Durbin. During this time, Dorothy was a lyric soprano.

As was mentioned earlier, she collected autographs of the celebrities. Once, after a personal appearance at the San Francisco's landmark, Golden Gate Theater,(at Market Street and Golden Gate Avenue), Dorothy asked Frank Sinatra for his autograph. As he signed her book, he touched Dorothy's hand, and remarked, "I'll bet you like spaghetti!" To have stood in the presence of the great Frank Sinatra....this special moment in time is etched in Dorothy's album of memories.

In her early teens, Dorothy sang "Jalousie" as a contestant on Budda's Amateur Hour, which was broadcast from radio station KFRC (at Van Ness and O'Farrell Street in San Francisco). She was declared a winner due to her beautiful voice. First prize was a six-week engagement at a Feather River resort, a short distance from San Francisco.

Dean Maddux (Budda) commented on the air, "Dorothy, you remind me of the late, great, Helen Morgan", who won fame in the role of "Julie" in Jerome Kern's musical masterpiece, "Showboat." Then Dorothy began singing "Can't Help Lovin That Man." Dorothy Currin's vocal quality has often been compared to other great singers such as: Jane Froman, Jo Stafford, Anita Bryant, and to Kate Smith's vocal clarity. It took time to discover her own true style of singing: "torch songs" became her forte.

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3. Dorothy Currin at Enrico Banducci's hungry i in San Francisco

Dorothy Currin photo at the Fairmont Hotel Dorothy Currin in her twenties Another photo of the beautiful Dorothy taken in San Francisco
Recording for the Television Dorothy Currin at Enrico Banducci's 'Hungry i'

Dorothy Currin, in her twenties

As a result of her performance in an Amateur Show sponsored by Horace Heidt, Dorothy Currin got a telephone call from the bands' representative inviting her to sing at the Hollywood Bowl. At that time, her big number was "Blues in the Night." Here we see Dorothy {photo to the right} as she appeared at San Francisco's famous "Hungry i." For a glamour shot of Dorothy, visit Dorothy Currin at the hungry i. Enrico Banducci, owner of the"hungry i" said that she was "destined for Broadway."

Dorothy volunteered to sing at army camp shows and at San Francisco's Letterman Hospital in the Presidio.

Frequently Dorothy would go to Sherman and Clay to purchase sheet music. The pianist/song writer who worked there, Sylvia White, heard her sing, and she subsequently introduced her to the team of Kauer and Silver (mentioned above). In the fifties, Dorothy performed for an extended run at San Francisco's famous Hungry i night club, a showcase for promising talent. She worked with notable performers: Shelly Berman, Mort Sahl, Dick Gautier and Don Adams--the famous TV Team of Agent 99 and a few others. She remembers singing a special material act composed by Gunther Kauer and Hyman Silver. The act was based on Lillian Roth's life story.

She also sang in a show with the lovely Barbara Eden of "I Love Jeannie" fame at San Francisco's famous Fairmont Hotel. Dorothy knew Ms. Eden as Barbara Huffman.

Dorothy fell in love, married, and moved to Portland, Oregon and temporarily placing her career on hold.
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4. Dorothy Currin Loyd, The Prima Diva, a truly beautiful woman

Throughout the years, Dorothy has always been performing in one way or the other.

Currently, she has teamed up with the Rhythm Review and the Silver Tone Singers and often performs at functions for churches, retirement homes, and private parties.

Dorothy Currin Loyd, The Prima Diva, in Las Vegas

She has often been compared with the following singers: Peggy Lee, Kate Smith, England's Vera Lynn, a talented singer during World War II, and Jo Stafford.

Lately, Dorothy has taken on several new projects. She is working on a play as a tribute to the late Kate Smith, and she expects it will be widely received.

Also, she performs occasionally with a local dixieland band, "Chip and the Monks," taking advantage of her talents in ragtime and music "with a beat." You may wish to see some photos of Dorothy singing with a local Dixieland Band.


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Photo was taken in Las Vegas on September 10, 2001 one day before the infamous attack on America.

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